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    Hi, we're Julia Colgan and Tom Lindesay, and we've been in the nursery business for the last twenty years - initially in Kohukohu where we built the business from scratch while raising our family of boys. In 1995 we decided to move to Kerikeri for family and business reasons, and the nursery has expanded considerably since then.

    Tom's interest in native trees began with wood-turning, continued through the building of our family home in Kohukohu, and then moved into propagation and growing native plants. Julia has always been on hand to help out, and now with the family almost grown, is full-time at the nursery with grading and dispatching plant orders.

    We attempt to grow a diverse range of natives, including ferns from spores, with a leaning towards those that grow well in Northland and the outer islands. The nursery is both wholesale and retail, the wholesale side supplying GOLs to other nurseries, landscapers and revegetation work. We also welcome customers who require smaller numbers of plants for domestic plantings. While specialising in natives, we do produce a limited range of exotic trees suitable for Northland conditions.

    We are always happy to give advice on growing natives, so customers can contact us with queries, or visit us at the nursery.