KPP Kerikeri Plant Production Ltd.

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  • Prices shown are wholesale and exclude GST. On-site purchases at the nursery incur a discount for 10 or more plants.

    coprosma acerosa
    c. hawera
    c. kirkii
    coprosma roy’s red
    c. taiko
    corokia bronze king
    corokia cotoneaster
    corokia emerald and jade
    hebe brevifolia
    h. divaricata
    h. otari delight
    h. stricta
    leptospermum blossom
    l. burgundy queen
    l. coppersheen
    l. keatleyii
    l. pink cascade
    l. red ensign
    l. red falls
    l. snow flurry
    l. winter cheer
    muehlenbeckia astonii
    olearia paniculata
    pittosporum argenteum variegatum
    pittosporum limelight
    pittosporum tandarra gold
    pittosporum oliver twist